Vision, Mision, & Corporate Value


To be The Insurer of Choice
We Aim to be The Insurance Company Of Choice in Indonesia



  • For The Customer
    Efficiently providing the ultimate comfort for our customer, with never-before experienced measures and means.
  • For The Employees
     Providing room for personal growth and development.
  • For The Shareholders
     Providing the best results through risk management with full awareness and caution. 
  • For The Community
    To contribute in the further development of the nation’s welfare. 

Corporate Value

  • Honesty 
    We have the highest respect for integrity and adopt the highest ethical standards, providing accurate and complete reports, urging the delivery of reports despite of the results, as also allowing any arguments to be present. 
  • Excellence
    We continue to strive in increasing our products and results to exceed the high expectations of all parties involved. 
  • Respect 
    We respect everyone, acknowledging differences and diversity, as also treating others as we want to be treated. 
  • Enthusiasm 
    We share the joy to further boost work enthusiasm.

Value Propositions

  • Caring 
    We provide friendly service, always ready to assist with all courtesy and manners with our  resources who possess the knowledge and skills needed to grow trust from our customer.
  • Simple 
    We offer flexible and simple requirements, along with fast, easy access and process are our main goals to provide comfort to our customer. 
  • Reliable 
    We aim to be the reliable friend with convincing products and services, within the scope of our products, in order to ensure we are at the top-of-mind when it comes to solutions in any kind of issues encountered by our customer.

Service Philosophy

Your Familys Best Friend
Adira Insurance is present as a friend to the Customer family in any circumstances, especially when the Customer and his/her family is experiencing various ordeals.