Trade Credit Insurance

Currently, free trade has been implemented and it is easier to conduct export and import transactions. This also resulted in the emerging risks of trade credit conducted, as you will need risk mitigation for issues such as a possible payment failure.Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) from Adira Insurance is present as one of the effective measures to guarantee the company from any losses resulted from the failure of payments.


  • Effective to control the possibilities of payment failure and cost-saving.
  • Protection for balance sheet and cash flow.
  • Another solution in addition to LC.
  • Comfort in expanding the market to new lines of businesses.
  • Obtaining possible good funding, through better credit access.


  • Global network with the partnership with Coface, which is present in 67 countries and have served local or international trade in 97 countries.
  • A complete and thorough service, from the process to billing, to save time in the administration processes.
  • Good and easy business portfolio management with the COFANET system, an Online Contract Management System with the use of various languages.
  • Great underwriter and marketing teams dedicated to oversee and report on any risks of the buyer.


  • Seller is the main manufacturer or distributor which produces or distributes its products directly with the timed payment mechanism.
  • The buyer is in the possession of a legal entity (not an individual).
  • Minimum sales of Rp 20 billion annually, both domestic or export.
  • Completing proposals and forms needed for the insurance proposal.
  • Completing the documents for a claim, which are Purchase Order(PO), Invoice, and Shipping Document.


To apply or acquire any information on the Credit Trade Insurance, please contact :

  • Heryanto Rahid – 0815 8078776 –
  • Raymond Tobing – 0812 2595801 –
  • Adira Care – 1500 456 –