Structure & Management

Board of Commissioners
Chris Bendl
President Commissioner
Chris Bendl joined Adira as President Commissioner...
Satinder Pal Singh Ahluwalia
Vice President Commissioner
Ahlu has been serving as Vice President Commission...
Willy Suwandi Dharma
Willy was appointed as Adira's commissioner in May...
Independent Commissioner
Pratomo was appointed as Independent Commissioner...
Ariyanti Suliyanto
Independent Commissioner
Ariyanti joined Adira as an Independent Commission...

Board of Directors
Desy Natalia Widjaya
Vice President Director
Desy graduated from Atmajaya University with a Bac...
Hassan Abdul Karim
Prior to joining as a member of Adira's Board of D...
Donni Gandamana
Donni joined Adira in 2004 and was then appointed...
Editha Thalia Desiree
Desiree joined Adira as Director at the end of 20...
Wayan Pariama
Wayan has served as Director of Adira since 2014,...
Raelene Anne Seales
Raelene started her career at Australia Bank Group...

Corporate Secretary
Editha Thalia Desiree
Corporate Secretary
Editha Thalia Desiree is a Director of Adira who s...

Organizational Structure