Corporate Social Responsibility

Adira Insurance is embodying the commitment to provide positive contributions to the Indonesian community in creating better livelihood for the people. One of the missions of ADIRA INSURANCE is to “Contribute for the Welfare of the Nation.” This mission is embodied within various sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Adira Insurance has created a CSR program that focuses on the road safety campaign dubbed as “I Wanna Get Home Safely” (IWGHS).I Wanna Get Home Safely is a road safety campaign initiated by Autocillin – Adira Insurance and was started in 2010. The focus of this campaign is to pursue the callings in applying changes of behaviors on the road in terms of safety. The goal of this campaign is to contribute within the actions to reduce traffic accidents and its fatality level in Indonesia, by increasing the public awareness of positive attitude on the road. Since launched, IWGHS has created various programs, among others:

Indonesia Road Safety Award (IRSA)

Indonesia Road Safety Award (IRSA) is a program initiated by PT Asuransi Adira Dinamika (Adira Insurance) in cooperation with Majalah SWA, held annually since 2013. Specifically, the IRSA program is an award to the best city and regency in terms of the application of road safety programs. The spirit of IRSA program is to provide full support for the regional governments to continue in pursuing the applications of road safety pillars in its respective region. 

Safety Campaign Award (SCA)

SCA is an award designed for the bikers joined in a community/club that has been actively campaigning road safety. SCA is awarded annually since 2014, with the goal to appreciate and urge the involvements of communities/clubs in vastly campaigning the road safety program

Commitment Letter I Wanna Get Home Safely

Adira Insurance is actively urging the members of the public to join and support the movement dubbed as “I Wanna Get Home Safely” by filling up a Commitment Letter, comprising of a promise to those we love and to ourselves, pledging that we will do our best efforts to maintain road safety while we are driving, riding or traveling. I Wanna Get Home Safely has reached more than 250,000 supporters. 

CSR Awards

  1. Rekor MURI in 2010 as the most supporters in Road Safety Campaign
  2. Award from Dompet Dhuafa, category of Top CSR in Safety Riding Campaign, on the Charta Peduli Indonesia Award in 2011 and 2012
  3. Award from the Indonesian Traffic Police Corps as one of Initiator of Road Safety in 2013
  4. Award from the National Police Chief, category of vehicle insurance company with outmost care of security, safety, discipline and traffic (kamsetibcar) through the IRSA and SCA program in 2017