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Human Resources Development

Adira Insurance believes that human resources is an important asset for the company. Therefore, Adira Insurance has placed human resources management as a strategic aspect that obtains crucial and determining influence in creating the “Competitive Advantage” needed by an organization. The human resources management is not only aiming to attract new, potential employees, but also to maintain the potential employees already joining Adira Insurance.

To answer all challenges in this dynamic business world, human resources management in Adira Insurance has applied the principles of “Lean & Mean” in its organizational structure, as supported by the optimized Information Technology, as well as the commitment to form a learning culture within every layer and function of the organization. To ensure an optimal human resources management, these principles are applied from the process of Recruitment & Selection, People’s Development, Performance Management, to Reward Management, starting from the admins, officers, analysts, up to the managerial levels.

Recruitment & Selection
The recruitment process is one of the crucial starting point as it is the gateway for all future employees to enter an organization or company. The recruitment process has carried an important role in recruiting and selecting future employees fitting the required criteria, within the sufficient number and good timing. The recruitment process in Adira Insurance itself is comprised of several stages, which are :

  1. Administrational Selection
  2. Psychological Test
  3. HR Interview
  4. User Interview
  5. BOD Interview*
  6. Negotiation (Offering Letter)
  7. Medical Check Up (MCU)
These processes are intended to filter future employees that will fit with the criteria and standards of Adira Insurance, both in soft and functional competencies.

Development Program

Since established, Adira Insurance was already aware that the human resources have played a strategic role in business development. Therefore, Adira Insurance has designed a program for its internal or future employees joining the company. One of the leading development programs owned by Adira Insurance since its second year is the Management Trainee Program (MT). Management Trainee, or what is often dubbed as MT, is a development program intended for the fresh graduates from all over Indonesia to be positioned at the strategic functions at the company. To join this program, several administrational requirements to be fulfilled by the applicants are as follows:

  1. Pendidikan minimal S1
  2. Usia maksimal 25 tahun untuk lulusan S1 dan 26 tahun untuk lulusan S2
  3. Minimal IPK 3.00

In this program the MT will be given the opportunity not only to jump right into the world of work but also to learn more about the insurance industry both from the business and operational aspects, the business process at Adira Insurance, the culture and value of Adira Insurance itself. During the 18-month program, MT will be given a briefing on both soft competencies and functional competencies from the experts in their field. In addition to this Management Trainee Program, Adira Insurance also has other development programs namely the Officer Development Program (ODP) which is intended for new graduates with a minimum of D3 education and a minimum GPA of 3.00 to be placed in the Business or Operational functions at Adira Insurance. The program itself is approximately 6 months in duration, which is the same as the MT program, as long as the ODP program will also be provided with insurance and Adira Insurance.

To be able to join in the development program, applicants need to go through a series of selection stages ranging from psych tests, HRD interviews, user interviews, Directors interviews, and health checks.

Besides these two programs themselves, Adira Insurance also continues to design other development programs, both for internal employees and prospective employees, to answer business needs in the insurance industry.


The first stage in the recruitment process is psychotest. The tested aspects include talent and interest, this test is intended to find out how far they meet the requirements that have been set as well as knowing the suitability of the position that can later be occupied by them. There are 4 main criteria in the aspects of soft competence that are graduation parameters :

  1. Analytical & Conceptual Thinking
  2. Achievement Orientation
  3. Willingness to Learn
  4. Teamwork.

After passing the test phase, they will go through the second stage, which is the interview process which is carried out in stages starting from Human Capital Development (HCD) to the Board of Directors, there are approximately 4 levels of interviews that must be passed by an MT candidate.

The last stage is the medical check-up process to find out the health condition in question so that it can work well. This very strict selection process was deliberately made in the hope of getting qualified candidates as expected.

Performance Management

The human resources owned by a company is a unique asset that differentiate a company with other companies, as no human beings are ever identified in having the same exact skillset. It is crucial for a company to be aware of this uniqueness, developing and directing them in the purpose of achieving the  company’s direction and goals. In this sense, Adira Insurance has designed its People Development System and Performance Management System adjusted to the industry, characteristics, culture and the requirements of the company. Several forms of applications from both of these systems are :

  1. The determination of the competency model that serves as the base of employee development, both in soft or functional competencies.
  2. The measurement of each employee’s competency level and the design of annual training programs for all employees.
  3. The execution of periodic training.
  4. The design of “Performance Plan” for each individual based on the corporate objectives both in short or long terms.
  5. The execution of periodic “Performance Review” in the form of “Coaching & Counselling” by the superiors, as referring to the performance of an employee and day-to-day observation; the performance evaluation in providing assessment, both financial or non-financial; the suggestions for employee performance within a certain period; and other issues.

These activities are part of the efforts conducted by Adira Insurance to further develop its human resources, not only for the organizational purposes, but also to develop each employee as an individual.

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