Business Guard

Business Guard is a comprehensive product designed especially for business for Store, Lodging Facilities, Health Facilities, Offices, Restaurant and Education Facilities with coverage maximum up to 20 billion Rupiah.

The choice of a comprehensive insurance cover and that is tailored to the risks faced and the financial situation of your business includes property insurance, machinery breakdown, money, transportation, liability, group personal accident, and employee dishonesty coverage with competitive premiums.

There are three types of Business Guard packages with extended coverage features to suit your need:
1. Silver package
2. Gold package
3. Platinum package



In addition to the features included in the three packages above, there are several other coverage extensions that can be chosen by the Insured :
1.Group Personal Accident
Provide compensation to You and/or Your Employees for or causing death, permanent disability or medical care that incurs medical expenses.

2. Liability to Employees
Provide compensation for lawsuits that require You to pay as a form of compensation, cost and expenses for bodily injury (due to accidents or illness) to your employees.

3. Employee Dishonesty
Provide compensation for money or property lost as a direct result of dishonesty of your employees.


1. The price of the building refers to the restoration value (Reinstatement value), which is the cost of rebuilding shortly before the loss occurred.
2. The building is not in a fire-prone location (dense area, difficult to access by fire trucks, there are many wooden structures around the location)
3. Location is not located within traditional market risk


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