Autocillin Car Insurance

Autocillin is the car insurance product from Adira Insurance, which provides a warranty on your car. The warranty provided by the Autocillin Car insurance are comprised of the Comprehensive or Total Loss Only warranties, with different car insurance premium rate according to the selected warranties. Currently, Autocillin is equipped with the best features, such as the Emergency Roadside Assistance, and service features such as the Autocillin Mobile Claim Application, as well as the Autocillin Mobile Service to ensure sustainable quality services with a simple process.


Currently, Adira Insurance has two best car insurance and luxury car insurance products that can be adjusted with your requirements, which are Autocillin Classic (Conventional)  and Autocillin Ikhlas (Sharia). Each product is undergoing sustainable developments by adding various features in providing additional values.

For each product, there are 3 packages, which are:

  1. Autocillin Comprehensive Package
  2. Autocillin Comprehensive Plus Package
  3. Autocillin TLO Package

(*) Special for towing due to an accident, (**) Max Rp 100,000,000 for comprehensive coverage and Rp 50,000,000 for TLO, (***) Max Rp 50,000,000 for comprehensive coverage and Rp 25,000,000 for TLO, (****) Must be combined with the Riot & Unrest coverage.


The following is the protection (coverage) provided within the Autocillin products, both in Autocillin Classic and Autocilin Ikhlas:

All Risk / Comprehensive Insurance: An all risk car insurance provides the warranty of reimbursements or repair fees on the loss/damages of a partial or entire vehicle directly caused by an accident, collision, overturn, slipped out, mired, vile intention, theft, fire, or other types of traffic accidents (as referring to PSAKBI). (Maximum 8 years with a loading premium after 5 years) 

Total Loss Only (TLO): A warranty on the total loss/damage of a vehicle directly caused by fire, traffic accidents such as collision, bump, overturn, slipped out, mired, vile intention, theft, or other types of traffic accidents (as referring to PSAKBI). (Maximum 15 years)

Third-Party Liability (TPL): A warranty of loss caused by a lawsuit from a third party, which is directly caused by the insured vehicle. 

Personal Accident (PA): A warranty for death, permanent injury and/or cost of treatment on the driver and/or passenger in the insured vehicle if an accident occurs.

Typhoon, Storm, Flood, Hail & Landslide: A warranty of reimbursements or repair fees on the damages of vehicles directly caused by typhoon, storm, flood, hail, and landslide.

Earthquake, Tsunami & Volcanic Eruption: A warranty of reimbursements or repair fees on the damages of vehicles directly caused by earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption.

Strike, Riot, and Civil Commotion (SRCC): A warranty of reimbursements or repair fees on the damages of vehicles caused by a riot, strike, work deterrence, civil commotion, or a revolution.

Terrorism & Sabotage (TS): A warranty of reimbursements or repair fees on the damages of vehicles caused by terrorism and sabotage.


As an addition, Autocillin Classic and Autocilin Ikhlas provided features and service features as follows:

New for Old: For your New Car* experiencing Total Loss Accident within the first 6 months of the coverage period, a new car a replacement will be provided **. (*)Included within a New Car category is the maximum period of 1 month following the applicable date of registration (STNK) at the time of the policy closure. (**)New Car Replacement refers to the brand and the type of car insured. 

Personal Effect: Maximum reimbursement warranty of Rp 2,000,000,- on the damage or loss of personal effects (an exception to certain items) which is included within the insured vehicle experiencing a condition of Total Loss Accident.

Car Rental/Transportation Fee: A replacement of transportation fees at the total sum of 0.5% of the insured price, at a maximum of Rp. 5,000,000,-, should the insured vehicle experiencing a condition of Total Loss.

STNK Renewal Service: Free service for annual registration (STNK) payment conducted by Adira Insurance’s PARTNER SERVICE AGENT*. (*)Not including the tax fee, administration fee, forms, and kind.

Autocilin Partner Autoshop: The supporting auto shop partners as accompanied with a 6-month warranty for all Autoworks and warranty of original spare parts (Adira Insurance does not guarantee the availability of spare parts in the market).

Autocillin Garage* (Anchor) / *applicable in selected regions: Autocillin’s main auto shop partners providing special services, comprising of

  • Lifetime Guarantee; a lifetime warranty for paintwork in Autocillin Garage within the coverage period. Car Progress Monitoring Service; regular information on the work status of your car in Autocillin Garage.
  • Pick Up Delivery; pick up delivery service for your car to Autocillin Garage.
  • Car Progress Monitoring Service; regular information on the work status of your car in Autocillin Garage.

Partnered Auto Shops of Brand Holders (Agen Tunggal Pemegang Merek/ATPM)

Partnered Auto Shops of Non-Brand Holders (Non ATPM)

Autocilin Rescue*:

  • Towing Car; Autocillin Towing Facility and partners for you who are experiencing incidents while traveling. For regions not included within the service area or without the availability of, Autocillin Towing Car and partners, you will be eligible for reimbursement of towing fee at a maximum of 0.5% of the insured price (for vehicles experiencing accidents) and the maximum of Rp 500,000 per incident (for vehicles experiencing engine damage).
  • Ambulance; Provision of reimbursements of ambulance facility for driver and/or passengers experiencing an incident while traveling, at the maximum of Rp 500,000 per incident.
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance; Free repair services for your vehicle experiencing mild interference while traveling.

(*)Towing Car special for Greater Jakarta Area, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Palembang, Makassar, and Medan. (*)ERA special for Greater Jakarta Area, Surabaya, Bandung, and Medan.


One of the requirements for a good car insurance is the service features provided and as the best car insurance, Autocillin has the features as follows:

Autocilin Mobile Claim Application:

Autocilin Mobile Claim Application is one of the features in the application to ease your process of claiming your Autocillin car insurance. This feature is available for download in your smartphones – using Android Google Play or Apple App Store.

You only have to fill in your car damage report data, uploading images of the car damage and to opt between taking your own car to the auto shop or a pickup delivery by our driver.

The claim process for your car insurance will be as easy as using a finger. Autocillin, car insurance with easy claims.

Autocilin Mobile Service

Autocillin Mobile Service is a VW Combi unit with attractive designs, located in a public spot to provide services for the clients of Adira Insurance, especially for Autocillin clients. With the Autocillin Mobile Service, clients may also process their claims in the nearest spot from their residence and/or office.

With the Autocillin Mobile Service, clients may also obtain more information on the products of Adira Insurance, such as the information of car insurance pricing. Autocillin Mobile Service provides full access to Autocillin Insurance Jakarta. Currently, Autocillin Mobile Service is operational in Mega Bekasi Hypermall, West Bekasi; Mall Citraland, West Jakarta; and Cibubur Mall Rest Area, with the operational hours of 09.00 – 16.00 every Monday to Friday.

Same Day Repair

Same Day Repair is a special service from Adira Autocillin to complete your car repair on the same day. The damages included within this service are mild scratches, scratches obtained from a bump and do not require body works, welding, or spare part changes. Same day repair may swiftly eliminate the scratches in your car within the same day. Such repair service may be handled in Adira Insurance’s auto shop partners possessing special equipment for fast repair. 


The Autocillin car insurance fee or price differs in terms of premiums in each product. Currently, you may apply for a Car Insurance Product (Autocillin) directly via Adira’s official website (online). Simply login or register in this Adira Web, and select your Car Insurance Product (Autocillin). Here is how you can purchase via Adira Web:

Register or Login on Adira Web. Ensure that your login account is active and applicable.

  1. Select your Car Insurance Product (Autocillin).
  2. Submit your Personal Data (buyer) as also the Participant Data / Car Insurance Policy (Autocillin) Owner, as well as the Vehicle Data (car).
  3. Ensure your data is correct, then submit.
  4. Adira Care will contact you to propose the Premium value to be deposited.

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For more and complete information on our products, car insurance fee and other services, please contact Adira Care at 1-500-456, or You may also contact us via the "Contact " menu on this website. You may also follow our social media accounts at FACEBOOK @Autocillin, INSTAGRAM @autocillin, and TWITTER @autocillin.