Adira Insurance Returns the Safety Campaign Award 2017

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Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, Adira Insurance invites community or motorcycle clubs in Jadetabek, to campaign for the importance of maintaining road safety. Through SCA 2017, bikers are challenged to compete in creating unique road safety campaign activities.

The message of the campaign is expected to be widespread, and can have an impact on increasing public awareness of the importance of road safety. The Indonesian government itself is determined, to reduce the number of fatalities due to traffic accidents, by as much as 50 percent by 2020.

To help achieve these goals, a joint commitment from various central government, regional governments, the private sector, the community and the wider community is needed to realize a safe Indonesian path. In addition, strategic efforts are needed to support the road safety movement.

"SCA was held as a form of appreciation for Adira Insurance, to the motor community that actively campaigned for road safety, in order to reduce the fatality rate of accidents. We hope that the SCA can become a vehicle for the motorbike community, to develop their community independently and trained, in order to carry out a socialization campaign on safety that is sustainable and has wide impact, "said Hananta Praditya, Director of Adira Insurance.

The bikers who are members of the community or motorcycle club can directly register through the website, during the period 19 August to 15 September 2017. After the registration stage, participants will enter the first selection stage, the Proposal Stage. The community or motorcycle club must make a proposal for an activity related to road safety.

In the proposal stage, 10 best communities will be selected to proceed to the Implementation Stage. The top 10 best communities will be chosen and they will be asked to implement a road safety campaign, accompanied by mentors who are experts in the field of road safety.

The final stage in the series of SCA activities is the Presentation Stage. Those selected will be invited to make a presentation in front of the jury. The 10 best motorcycle clubs or communities that have been selected in the previous stage are required to present their activities

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