Accident Solution Insurance

Accident Solution Insurance is a product that provide worldwide 24 hours protection against the risk of death, permanent disablement and medical expenses due to accident.

Not only that, the Accident Solution also provides a lot of additional benefits such as fractures, physiotherapy costs, rehabilitation and mobility benefit and other various additional benefits that can be tailored to your needs.

The Accident Solution can be purchased individually or in groups such as protection for employees or for students.


To cover against death and permanent disablement as a result of an accident and to reimburse the actual and reasonable medical expenses deemed necessary as a result of an accident.

The sum insured can be tailored to your needs either fixed sum insured or salary multiplication (for corporate group policy).

Prosentase dari Nilai Pertanggungan
A. Death
B. Permanent Total Disablement
C. Permanent Partial Disablement ( as per benefit scale table )


Medical Expenses Reimbursement


  • Riot, strike and civil commotion
  • Suffocation by smoke, poisonous fumes, gas and drowning
  • Accidental death due to food poisoning or choking
  • Exposure and dissapearance
  • Bomb threat, hijack, murder and assault
  • Motor boat and motor cycle risk
  • Sports activities other than competition and professional
  • Terrorism and sabotage
  • Chartered and other unscheduled flight


1. Simple and other fractures benefit
To provide compensation when fracture occur as a result of accidents up to specific amount according to the fracture scale of table

2. Rehabilitation and Mobility Benefit
To compensate the rehabilitation cost and modification of vehicle/house renovation cost needed for Insured mobilization arising as a result of accidents

3. Physiotherapy Cost
To reimburse the cost of physiotherapy needed and recommended by the doctor upon the injury of the Insured

4. Funeral Expenses
To pay the cost of funeral or cremation as a result of Insured’s death due to accident

5. Transportation Allowance
To reimburse the actual cost transportation required by the Insured for transportation to the hospital due to accident

6. Wheelchair Benefit
If the Insured sustain permanent total disablement due to accident and requires a wheelchair to support the mobility, we will pay the cost of wheelchair

7. Child Education Fund
To pay a one time lumpsum for Insured’s child education if the Insured sustain injury which resulting in death due to accident

8. Severe Burns Allowance
To pay an allowance if the Insured sustain injury which results in severe burns (second and third degree), maximum up to the percentage of severe burns scale

9. Public Transportation death benefit
To pay an allowance if the Insured sustain accidental bodily injury when using any public transportation which directly and independently of all other causes resulting in death

10. Natural Catastrophe death benefit
To pay an allowance if the Insured sustain accidental bodily injury due to natural catastrophic event

11. Utility Benefit (water, electricity, fixed phone line)
To reimburse the Insured’s utility bill under such Insured’s person living address if the Insured sustain death due to accident

12. Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Mortal Remains
24 hours emergency assistance to move the Insured to the nearest hospital where medically appropriate or to arrange Insured’s mortal remains transport back to usual country of residence as a result of an accident

13. Daily Hospital Income due to accident
To pay a hospitalisation cash allowance for every 24 hours of Insured’s being confined in hospital as a result of accident

14. Bonesetter Treatment Expenses
To pay the customary and reasonable expenses incurredd for treatment by the licensed or registered bonesetter due to accident.

15. Comatose State Benefit
To pay a one-time amount in the evet of the Insured sustains a bodily injury due to accident and results in a comatose state

16. Credit Card Settlement
To pay the credit card outstanding balance of the Insured who sustains injury which results in death

17. Non Elective Surgery Benefit
To reimburse a non-elective surgery performed in order to save Insured’s life as a result of accident.

18. Trauma Counseling Benefit
To reimburse a reasonable counseling fee for the Insured/spouse/Insured’s children if the Insured sustains death or permanent disablement resulting from accident

19. Domestic Help Benefit
If the Insured sustains bodily injury due to accident and unable to carry out at least 3 of the 5 activities of daily living following hospitalisation, we will pay the cost of assistance required by the Insured to assist with those activities

20. Traditional Physician Benefit
To reimburse the actual and reasonable cost incurred by the Insured for treatment by a registered chiropractor, acupuncturist, bonesetter or osteopath all licensed under the Ministry of Health Indonesia as a result of accident


  1. Maximum age is 65 years old and renewable up to 75 years old
  2. Insured must be Indonesia citizen or foreign citizen who hold valid document to enter and stay in Indonesia
  3. Premium will be calculated based on Insured class occupation (Class 1 to Class 4)
  4. Exclusions and other terms and condition will be as per Accident Solution policy wording


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